Our top priority is our patient’s well being. Watch YouTube videos of what our patients have to say about us, plus check out our other client testimonials at the bottom of the page. Results may vary.

Lily (Freezing, Numbing Feet)

96 year old Lily doesn’t accept she has to live with freezing and numbness in her legs, or toes that feel like chunks of coal. She shares her home treatment experience.

Gordon (Peripheral Neuropathy)

Frustrated with debilitating burning and numbing pain in his feet, legs, hands and arms Gordon turns to the Chousky Centre for answers he didn’t have.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Bernice

Bernice (Peripheral Neuropathy)

Peripheral Neuropathy took her independence, the Chousky Centre is returning it. Dr. Chousky shares progress exam results with Bernice.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Jack

Jack (Extreme Neuropathy Pain)

6 months before coming to the Chousky Centre with peripheral neuropathy, Jack couldn’t sleep at all. The extreme pain and awful bee stinging sensations that made his life miserable are mostly gone.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Dave

Dave (Losing Balance)

Dave came to the Chousky Centre suffering from pain in his feet and ankles for neuropathy and was completely hopeless on balance before treatment.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - William

William (Severe Nerve Damage)

Former mayor of Bradford, was told by his neurologist that he had so much nerve damage there is nothing they can do. After a few visits to the Chousky Centre he’s glad he sought a second opinion.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Charles

Charles (Shingles – Neuropathy Pain)

Charles came to the Chousky Centre because he was falling and had terrible shooting and stabbing pain. Halfway through his care program he sees significant changes.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Hector

Hector (Diabetic Neuropathy)

Hector suffered with severe burning in his feet from neuropathy. Six months after receiving care at the Chousky Centre, he returned for a progress check and to thank Dr. Chousky.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Sigvard

Sigvard (Losing Balance)

Peripheral Neuropathy stole his independence. After treatment at the Chousky Centre, he’s confident enough to travel again and is planning a vacation.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Ted

Ted (Peripheral Neuropathy Pain)

Ted came to the Chousky Centre with burning and stabbing pain in his legs. Extremely fatigued and skeptical at first, he’s sleeping and thrilled with the results.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Mike

Mike (Burning Feet)

Mike came to the Chousky Centre for help because he suffered with extreme burning and tingling that kept him awake at night. 3 months after care he shares his thoughts.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Kit

Kit (Neuropathy Pain – Falling)

Kit came to the Chousky Centre because she was falling, couldn’t sleep at night and had a lot of trouble with leg pain from neuropathy. She is enjoying life again thanks to Dr. Chousky.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Ron

Ron (Peripheral Neuropathy)

One of Dr. Chousky’s former patients, came to the Chousky Centre because of poor balance, numbness, tingling and shooting pains in his legs and feet. Now these issues are mostly gone.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Lois

Lois (Neuropathy Pain – Falling)

Describing her life before being helped at the Chousky Centre as just the other side of purgatory. Lois is back doing what she loves to do! No longer falling and in pain, she’s golfing, curling and sleeping!

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Marilyn

Marilyn (Leg Cramps, Tingling & Burning Feet)

Before coming to the Chousky Centre Marilyn felt miserable, she suffered with cramps in her legs, tingling and burning pain in her feet. She can sleep again and is feels like a new lady.

Chousky Centre Testimonial - Shenaz

Shenaz (Neuropathy Pain)

For over 20 years Shenaz suffered with pain. After only 7 treatments, she found relief at the Chousky Centre.

For more than two years I suffered terribly from pain and numbness in my legs.

"Sitting or walking for any length was a challenge. I had to get up from my desk at minimum every hour. It felt like I was going to fall at times. I would lean on my co-workers (literally) to maintain balance. I temporarily gave up my Mustang because it was too difficult to get in and out. I lost my appetite and a significant amount of weight. My family and doctors were very concerned about my health. This was no way to live. I heard about Dr. Chousky and decided to see what he had to say. After an extensive examination, I started a series of treatments over a nine day period. The results are nothing short of amazing. I now have a significant reduction in pain. I've also regained both my balance and appetite. I'm simply delighted with my progress. Dr. Chousky, thanks to you and your team, I'm back in the driver's seat."

– Murray P. (from Toronto)

Before treatment there was a 6 months period where I couldn't sleep at all because of the pain, I only slept when I was completely exhausted.

"The pain was so extreme I would scream. I also could not walk. I had every symptom in my feet that was attached to this disease of peripheral neuropathy; the sensations ranged from bees buzzing in my feet to my feet being hammered. Now the pain in my feet is mostly gone, I can sleep and I'm delighted with the treatments so far."

– Jack (Retired, from Oshawa)

For just about the last ten years I was suffering with awful burning pain in my feet and a restless leg.

"I suffered from extreme burning and extreme tingling sensations that kept me awake at night, and were very uncomfortable. The initial exam confirmed that the process offered at the clinic could address my issues. I began a series of treatments and by the end of the treatment period the issues had been almost completely resolved. I rarely get these sensations anymore and when I do they are considerably less than before. And now 3 months later I'm just having another check up and everything seems fine and I'm quite pleased with the results."

– Mike (Consultant, from Burlington)

I was suffering from pain as well as numbness and tingling in my legs, knees and feet.

"Sleeping was a problem, I would wake up at night because of the pain. I was also suffering from pain in my right hip. I also felt weak and unstable. Now, after only 3 weeks of treatment, the pain from my feet, knees and hip is gone. I am feeling stronger and have better balance. I can now sleep through the night and am enjoying life once again. Thank you Dr. Chousky!"

– Harry (Trainer, from Toronto)

I had peripheral neuropathy with pronounced pain in my feet.

"I was awoken by the pain and had to intensively massage my feet to alleviate the feeling. My sleeping pattern was disturbed, so was my wife's. The pain during the day stopped me from working. I found the newspaper advertising for Chousky Centre and made the contact. The director of the clinic Dr. Chousky, personally conducted the evaluation of my feet. My left foot turned out to be in rough shape, which explained why I had more pain there. I entered the treatment process and had less pain after the very first day! The procedures continued for twenty days, and even my difficult left foot felt better after every treatment. Now I can walk again pain free. Both my wife and I are sleeping through the night. During the last treatment I received written instructions on additional exercises to take place at home. I was impressed that the Chousky Centre thinks and cares about their patients for the future!"

– Emil (Self Employed, from Toronto)

Before coming to the clinic I wasn’t able to get around and would describe my life as a place just outside of purgatory.

"I was in constant pain and felt like I had no control over my feet. If I had stepped on a small object on the floor I would have fallen because my balance was horrible. All those things thrown in together made it to not be a good time in my life. After treatment I have been sleeping like a baby and am back golfing, curling and doing the things that I love to do. Thank you for getting me there!"

– Lois (Retired, from Toronto)

When I first came into the clinic I was a real mess.

"I couldn't sleep and would get up 5 times a night to shake my legs because it felt like bugs crawling all over them. I'd hardly get any sleep. How can you get work done without any sleep? I wasn't in a good place. I opened the paper and saw the ad in the Toronto Star, which was a morning after I had only 3 hours of sleep. I came into see Dr. Chousky, and even started crying during our meeting because I wasn't happy and couldn’t handle this anymore. Now after treatment, I'm sleeping and maybe get one bad night here and there. It's 100% better and nowhere near the intensity it was. I’m a calmer person now, not as frazzled and it's easier to cope with things now because I can sleep better. Your place was the very best, the people were friendly and I've been to a lot of different places. I was really impressed with everything you did at the clinic."

– Catherine (Executive Assistant, from Mississauga)

For 3 years I suffered with severe pain in my back as well as numbness and tingling in my legs and feet.

"Standing or sitting for any length of time was very difficult. After 30-40 minutes, walking became a burden. My balance was also a serious concern. An MRI revealed I had stenosis. I tried decompression at another clinic and was still in pain. Dr. Chousky’s examination revealed I had peripheral neuropathy. He explained very clearly what he meant and what he could do to help. The staff were warm and caring. Through the course of care I was treated like family. I am very happy with the results. I no longer fear the walk following services to greet the parishioners. I can’t put a price on my health!"

– Joe (Reverand, from Scarborough)

Before I came into the Chousky Centre, on a scale of 10 my pain was a 9.

"I have always been an active person, from doing Martial Arts to playing soccer when I was younger, and was frustrated when I had to stop working out because of the pain in my foot. Six months before treatment it was getting to the point where I couldn't even walk because the pain was too much. The doctors said there was nothing they can do, because I’m a diabetic and surgery wouldn't help my foot. Initially, I tried everything else from creams, needles, to TENS machines and nothing helped. The only thing that worked was the treatment at this clinic, and I'm 95% pain free now. I'm a 68 year old man that can walk without a cane. I can now run, jump, dance, bike and even started working out again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I tried it and I'm very happy."

– Arthur (Self Employed, from Toronto)

For just about the last ten years I was suffering with awful burning pain in my feet and a restless leg.

"I couldn't stop my leg from moving. It took me two hours every night to fall asleep, I was up again at 3:00am and it would take me another hour and a half to fall asleep. I was exhausted and in pain on a daily basis. The medication didn't help. I finally reached the end of my rope and had told my wife there was no way I could go on living like this. She was visiting our daughter in Pickering and a family friend told her about the Chousky Centre, luckily for me. I was accepted for care and had treatment over a four week period. It’s almost four months since I've completed care and thrilled to say, I have no more problems at night. I can sleep, and have energy during the day. I have very little pain. Thanks to Dr. Chousky and his staff, life is worth living again. I can't put a price on what you have done!"

– Steve (Retired, from Picton)