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Dr. Chousky has been practicing for 24 years in the greater Toronto area and has a large population of patients afflicted with peripheral neuropathy due to a variety of causes.

With personal knowledge of the devastation neuropathy brought to his family, his grandmother-a double amputee; his focus shifted to finding best practices and healing methods for neuropathic pain. In 2009 he pursued postdoctoral work in the US to further his understanding in neuropathic pain and symptoms. He then introduced monochromatic infrared light therapy to help improve nerve health and circulation. In 2015 another first in Canada a breakthrough Neuro-modulation device to effectively and safely address chronic nerve pain.

In 2014, Dr. Chousky designed and sponsored a clinical trial for a plant based topical cream to help patients with diabetic neuropathy. Preliminary results demonstrated the cream was effective in restoring circulation in animals with diabetes. The ethics committee approved a double-blind clinical trial in a diabetic human population late 2016.  The human trial results were promising and we are working with industry to bring a new line of therapy to patients with DPN

Our non-invasive therapies are designed to help reduce nerve pain, improve nerve function and help our patients get more out of life.

Our offices have over 90% patient satisfaction with care.

Every day we have more success relieving Neuropathy Pain!

Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief Can Be Achieved Through Treatments Provided in
the Greater Toronto Area at the Chousky Centre.

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Chousky Centre’s Peripheral Neuropathy Resource Guide

What is Neuropathy?

Discover everything you need to know about peripheral nerves, and find out why peripheral neuropathy refers to damage to the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord.

What are the Triggers?

Discover the common causes and risk factors of peripheral neuropathy, and whether you could be at risk of suffering from the perils of neuropathy depending on your habits and activities.

What Are the Signs?

Not sure how to determine whether you are exhibiting signs of peripheral neuropathy? Get educated by checking out our illustrated guide to common neuropathic pain symptoms.

Get an Evaluation.

Experiencing signs of peripheral neuropathy? If yes, you should get evaluated, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chousky today.